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Organic Thinking is now becoming a part of the lifestyle of the modern man. It does not only mean that he only eat organic food. But much more what he is doing to work with the nature. Use more natural things Less contaminated and no use of chemical and pesticide. The result should be more healthier lifestyle, healthier body and unharmed organs. Now you can get Organic cosmetics and now we have joined the new culture and offer fully Certified Organic Icelandic Triple Milled Soap Bar. A long name for Pure and Simple product. But it's a real gem for the skin. The different in use compared with the commercial soaps is breathtaking. Really. No need for a lotion or hand creme to nourish the dry skin, as the skin won't be dry like of commercial soaps. And to be sure that the soap is fully Organic and 100% Vegan give a extra pleasure for the mind.  

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  • Based on the Commitment between Peta and Sápusmiðjan ehf. to  ensure that our product is Not Tested on Animals.
  • Based on the Contract between Vegan Society Org and Sápusmiðjan ehf. of not using any Anumal based Ingredients of any kind. All our products based on that agreement bear their Logo to ensure the customer that is't 100% Vegan product.

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