Handcrafted in Iceland

All our Soaps are handmade out of oils and butter. All vegan, all natural. We also offer Certified Organic Soaps that are triple milled. When we mill the soap through heavy duty extruder machine for three to four times before we change the head ( Nose cone ) of the machine and make the soap on a professional scale. Triple milled soaps are much harder and are offer more range in our variety. When we use machine and handmade soap base ( Soap-noodles ) we talk about Hand-crafted Soaps as there is a combination between the handwork and machinery.  


Triple Milled Soaps

We produce Triple Milled Soaps.

The name Triple Milled Soap speaks for itself, really. As it is manufactured the soap is passed through a milling machine of smooth stainless steel rollers. The soap is passed through the machine not once… not twice… but, you guessed it, three times, and pressed into a smooth fine paste.

Milling was started in France and meant the soap was run between steel bars and smoothed and compressed. Triple milled soaps actually go through this process 3 times.. or use 3 rollers... French Milled soap can only be bought in France, but anyone can 'mill' soap, just not call it French Milled. French milled soaps are definitely considered to be the best..


Certified Organic Ingredients

Vottunarstofan Tún, is an independent inspection and certification body for organic and sustainable production and resource utilisation.

Tún is an accredited body, committed to providing high quality services to primary producers and processors in agriculture and fisheries.

Based in Iceland, Tún actively works with clients in other countries and with other similar organisations in Europe and America.


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