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Soap.is - Icelandic Soap-shop


The Soaps from The Little Icelandic Soapfactory:sapusmidjan.is is available to you here on this site.

Here you can find anything there is to know about  soap here at soap.is.

And here you find information on basic oils and essential oils, herbs, volcano ash and other things we use to make "the perfect soap" by our judgment of course ;)

And you can find out how soapmaking is done, and what to use and what to do, if you would like to try for yourself.

We even throw in a few recipes for you to try if you feel like. They're easy and simple to make in a few steps.


handmade soaps from sapusmidjan

We use ash from the volcano Eyjafjallajökull in some of our soap. That makes a unique soap equal to soap made with clays and mud but has a bit more gentle scrubby effect. And that soap is filled with Shea-butter that gives a smooth and nursed skin.





Handmade Soaps are different

Once you have tried Handmade soap, you wont go back to that factory made soap bar you bought in the supermarket. At least I'll bet on that, cause thats the fact after people realize what they have been using. So why not give it a try?

Soap for the masses

Soap soap soap, thats what this site is all about. Handmade soaps with best ingredients thats available. All made with real natural things.

Not tested on animals. Just friends & family ;)

All the batches are made in small portions to ensure freshness, and our soaps are cured for four to six weeks before sold.