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Organic soaps

All our soaps are fully organic as they are made of organic oils and butters. But now we have a new soaps that are made with verified organic oils and butters and will bear the official logo to confirm it. Some of them also contain organic essential oils for scenting.

The soap are:

  • 100% Pure Icelandic Organic Soap ( Scentless )
  • 100% Pure Icelandic Organic Virgin-Soap ( made with Virgin cocos-oil and has natural cocos scent )
  • 100% Pure Icelandic Organic Mint-Soap ( made with Mint and Poppy seed )
  • 100% Pure Icelandic Organic Lavender-Soap ( scented with English Lavender )


Natural soaps does not contain SLS, detergents, parabens, sorbates, silicons and sulfates.